Ads, movies and series: Ella Walker about her career

Ella Walker is an actress that you can see in such productions as Wonder Woman 1984 (premiere in 2020), Brand new world ( premiere in 2020) or F9 and Fast and furious (both will premiere in 2021). She also starred in an ad for Adobe that premiered in September 2020. How she started her career and what challenges are facing her - she told in her story especially for &PRstories.

How your career started?

So when I was 15 I was approached by the owner of a modelling agency and asked to join their books. From there I entered the world of modelling and grew to love the industry. A few years later I changed agencies to two london based agencies. One of which started my acting career by putting me forward for films and tv shows. I was very new to it all but from doing acting before I slotted in, It was a bit of a struggle getting used to everything but I can say now I finally kind of know what I’m doing!

What was the biggest challenge for you?

Ooh hard question! There are many, but mainly I’d say planning the future. In what I do who knows what the future holds, how long I’ll get good work for. It’s not like having a 9-5, you could have no work that week then be told you have to fly to Prague or have all your jobs cancelled on you. But I do love that part of the job, anything can happen and every email I get in is exciting.

How do you get the main role in Adobe advert? 

It was just a casting I got through one of my agents in spotlight HQ. They just took a video of me doing some basic acting which the casting directors would have sent to the whole team and they happened to pick me :)

What is your biggest dream?

Well I’d love to see me on a billboard, that hasn’t happened yet. Or maybe a bus? That would be very cool. More long term though I’d love to move to New York or LA with my boyfriend and work out there for a few years.

And where can we see you soon? 

Ah well I’ve got a couple of exciting things coming up, the new 'Fast and furious' film will be out next year and you can catch me in that. Also the new peacock show ‘Brave new world’ on sky!

Thx Ella, and I keep my finger crossed for you! Follow Ella on the Instagram.

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